Light control


The future of intelligent illumination. Simple anywhere. Simple everywhere.


At MASR BANO, we are always thinking of lighting in the context of the architecture it is illuminating. It’s all about the interplay of the two, the connection. That is why we have created an Architectural Lighting Management System (ALMS) with a simple, descriptive name: MASR BANO Connect.

It expands the possibilities of professional light control and combines light and architecture into one holistic concept. A concept that is constantly adapting and evolving. And taking advantage of the latest technologies such as the Narrowband Internet of Things (Narrowband IoT).

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MASR BANO Connect opens up a whole world of opportunities, for you to showcase both smaller lighting installations and large lighting projects with smart light. Wherever you are: You can control, plan and monitor individual luminaires from any location via a modern and intuitive app.

MASR BANO Connect simplifies complex systems, for beginners and experts alike. Reliable and secure: Up to the highest standards and with all your data on cloud servers in Germany in accordance with strict German data protection laws.