MASR BANO Plug & Play

The smart lighting system for the private garden

As a pioneer in trends and new technologies, our aim is to use light to make your life more beautiful, more simple and more convenient. One of the keys to this is MASR BANO Smart: our holistic smart home lighting system.

As part of the MASR BANO Smart range, MASR BANO Plug & Play is the LED lighting system for your smart garden illumination – incredibly easy to install and control. Position the portable luminaires in the garden and configure the system with the MASR BANO Smart app – done.

Specially designed for everyday use

We developed MASR BANO Smart specifically for everyday use. In terms of a system solution, MASR BANO Smart is more than simply the sum of its parts – it is all about synergy.

Convenient control

The Plug & Play system can be controlled in the immediate garden environment using the smartphone app. We recommend the PRO or ONE remote control for convenient control over greater distances.

Intuitive configuration

Luminaire groups and lighting scenarios can be created intuitively and with little effort in the free MASR BANO Smart app. The system can also be configured to switch on and off automatically according to the time of day.

Limitless possibilities

Combined with the MASR BANO Smart Socket smart connecting pillar, any device with a safety plug – whether floodlight, barbecue or pond pump – can also be integrated into the MASR BANO Smart System.

Smart means straightforward

As such, all devices and functions can be programmed and controlled easily and intuitively in one place: the free MASR BANO Smart app. Controlling individual luminaires or luminaire groups, configuring custom lighting scenarios or setting up a time switch function – smart MASR BANO lights are incredibly versatile.

There is no need for the complex and costly laying of underground cables

The Plug & Play system’s flexible cables can simply be laid above ground between the plants – there is no need for the complex and costly laying of underground cables. Changes and extensions are thus possible very quickly and at any time.